How it Works

Deposit return systems give consumers an incentive to recycle their empty drinks container. When you buy a drink, you pay a small amount extra for the bottle or can. This money is fully refunded when the container is returned for recycling.
This first short video explains the deposit return cycle, and this second video gives answers to some frequently asked questions. This video highlights how deposit return helps to reduce litter and increase recycling.
This diagram shows what happens from the customer paying a deposit when they purchase a drink, to how they get their refund, and what happens to the bottle or can next!


As children in the 60s and 70s we used to collect glass bottles to take back to the shops for just a few pennies which we used to buy Anglo Bubble-gum or Black Jack chews. We are confident that a reintroduction of this initiative for all bottles and cans would help solve the global crisis on bottle refuse. People would make several pounds every morning just from collecting bottles along our beautiful Ythan Riverside! We wholeheartedly support the Have You Got The Bottle? Campaign.


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