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The campaign is led by The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland, and other organisations have quickly joined as partners. Right now, we have over one hundred supporter organisations from business, the non-government and community sectors, including the Marine Conservation Society, Changeworks Recycling, Triathlon Scotland, Whitmuir Organics, Eco Congregations, Cornelius Beers, Friends of the Earth Scotland, WWF Scotland, Spokes, Surfers Against Sewage, Ramblers Scotland, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and lots of others. Together, they represent over 300,000 people in Scotland.

Most importantly, we’re the voice of the 79% of people in Scotland who support introducing a deposit return system.



Our office is located at Dolphin House, 4 Hunter Square, Edinburgh, EH1 1QW.


The Strathbungo Society supports ‘Brighter Bungo’, a five-times-a year community clean up, and we support the campaign to (re-)introduce a bottle deposit system in Scotland. Why? Because it gives people an incentive to reduce needless waste of perfectly good containers, reduces resource use and reduces littering. And it increases recycling, helps meet the Scottish Government’s waste and climate change targets – and brings us into line with other modern, progressive, European nations who recycle up to 90% of all containers. So what’s not to like about that?

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