The Marine’s Conservation Society’s 2015 annual beach clean report highlights the urgent need to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that make their way into the natural environment.

The Great British Beach Clean is the Marine Conservation Society’s national beach cleaning and litter surveying programme.

In 2014 MCS found 2,457 pieces of litter on every kilometre of beach  cleaned – the highest amount since they began their annual September cleans. But in 2015 it got worse, with 3,298 items picked up per kilometre surveyed.

Bottles are the story of this year’s Great British Beach Clean, with almost 100 being found on every kilometre cleaned. Over 8,000 bottles were gathered, making  43% increase from the 2014 last clean-up.

The Marine Conservation Society are calling for the introduction of a Deposit Return System as a measure to tackle this issue.

Download the full 2015 report here.