With one week remaining for members of the public to have their say on how Scotland’s deposit return system for drinks containers should be designed, today we handed one thousand pledge postcards in to the Scottish Government. Since the public consultation opened in June, we’ve been asking members of the public what kind of system they want to see, and how much they think the deposit should be for every bottle and can purchased. We’ve gathered opinions at events across rural and urban Scotland, and public support for a deposit return system is overwhelmingly positive.
Of the one thousand people who responded, more than fifty percent would be happy to pay 20p or more – an amount that will be fully refunded when the bottle or can is returned for recycling. Members of the public also support a system that includes all drinks in all types of packaging, most shops and all online retailers accepting returns, an option to donate the deposit to charity, and for the system operator to use revenue to improve return rates.
We’ve known that public support for a deposit return system has been strong since we started our campaign in 2015, but this just shows just how ready people are for it. We’re looking forward to Scotland leading the way for the rest of the UK with a first class system that reduces litter, improves recycling, and creates jobs. The Scottish Government have said they want to bring in an ambitious deposit system – and we agree. That means one that gets as high a return rate as possible, which is cost efficient, convenient for the public, and which drives the use of truly sustainable packaging. That’s what the public told us they wanted, and we are optimistic that’s what Ministers will deliver.