A waste campaigning councillor is asking Aberdeenshire Council to press the Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for the environment to support the principle of a deposit return system for single use drinks containers.

Paul Johnston, a leading councillor from the Democratic Independent and Green Group (DIGG) on Aberdeenshire Council has tabled a notice of motion for the council meeting on Thursday 10th March.

“Like myself, many people have campaigned to persuade the government to introduce deposits on containers as we see in an increasing number of other regions, nations and states. This motion is to see if our Council and Government ‘have got the bottle’.

“There are considerable benefits in tipping the balance to the better use of resources, reducing waste and protecting the environment from litter pollution” said Councillor Johnston.

“Many people remember bottle deposits in the past.  We know that the deposit system can work here and evidence is mounting that this is a win, win situation where we can save money and protect the environment”.

” Remember, the cost of the drink in the bottle, can or container remains the same with a deposit.  It just means that you won’t want to follow the container away and it will end up being recycled.  Better still, would be to have fewer single use containers and save money”.

” I hope that Aberdeenshire Councillors will have ‘the bottle’ to back the campaign and ask the Scottish Government to take the necessary steps forward”.