Seven Scottish brewers have joined the coalition of organisations calling for a deposit return system for drinks containers in Scotland. The list of supportive brewers includes Black Isle Brewery, Williams Bros Brewing Co, Barney’s Beer, Kelburn Brewing Company, Jaw Brew, Eyeball Brewing and Bellfield Brewery. A deposit return system would allow brewers to benefit from increased volumes of higher-quality recycled metal and glass becoming available for reuse.

John Mayhew, APRS director, said: “We are optimistic that Scottish Ministers will listen to this clear message from brewers large and small, who have today joined the growing coalition of businesses, NGOs, local authorities and others in support of a deposit return system. The list includes some of Scotland’s largest independent brewers, producers of beers that will already be well known to MSPs, as well as some up and coming new businesses who are looking to the future. Deposits don’t just boost recycling and slash litter: this approach brings practical business benefits for brewers, retailers, bars, manufacturers and others who work in the drinks industry.”

David Gladwin of Black Isle Brewery, near Munlochy, said: “We know from elsewhere in the world that deposit return systems for bottles work well both for producers and for customers, and those systems support collection either for recycling or reuse. We have bottled beer since we started, and support the idea of re-using bottles as is done today all over Europe: a generic bottle for reuse would allow for regional collection and distribution that would be more environmentally efficient and cost effective.”

Read the full Sunday Post article here.

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