Catherine from the Marine Conservation Society tells us:

“As well as cleaning beaches, we also survey what we find. This means we know exactly what type of litter, and how each of each item is turning up. We’ve been doing this for twenty six years, so we have a quarter of a century’s worth of data that we can use to push for policy change. We want policies that will stop litter from getting to the beach in the first place.

The Marine Conservation Society has been a huge supporter of a deposit return system for Scotland. We were founding members of the Have You Got The Bottle? campaign because over the last twenty five years, our members have been finding bottles, both glass and plastic, as well as metal drinks cans. After doing a bit of research, and visiting countries that have these systems in place, we’ve seen how successful they are at increasing recycling rates, so that less is getting littered and ending up in our oceans and on our beaches.

Support from our volunteers is phenomenal, and it just shows the passion people have to get rid of these items and why we’re really excited that Scotland’s deposit return system will hopefully mean these volunteers see less glass, plastic and cans in the places that they really care about.”