Independent shop owner writes about returning your bottles!

James from Cornelius Beer & Wine, a well known Edinburgh retailer, writes about the benefits he anticipates experiencing from an introduction of a deposit return system for drinks containers in Scotland. He writes about what he observed on a fact finding trip to Norway, where deposit return is run at a national level.

“Corner shops and high street stores simply have a weekly uplift of a bags worth of tins and plastic bottles. The amount that individual shops have to handle is relatively small, simply because, with every drinks outlet obliged to take part, the burden is shared. It can be any shop, not necessarily where the drinks originated from (since the shopkeeper receives a small handling fee for every container collected, he or she is hardly likely to object to taking back another stores empties)”.

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‘We strongly support the introduction of a deposit return system in Scotland, as our Beach Litter surveys show that drinks containers constitute up to 14% of litter on Scottish beaches.’

Marine Conservation Society

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