Disability access to deposit return – survey

In summer 2022, the Scottish Government is bringing in a deposit return system for all glass bottles, clear plastic bottles and for cans where they are used for drinks. This approach is used in a number of other countries across Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and around the world, and is likely to take Scotland’s recycling rate for these items from about 50% to above 90%, as well as reducing litter and carbon emissions.

Whenever you buy a can or bottle included in the system you will pay a 20p deposit, which will be refunded in full when you return it. This will include being able to hand it back over the counter at small shops, through special reverse vending machines in larger shops, and to staff delivering online shopping to your home.

We want to feed your views back to the Scottish Government and to those who will be running the system to make sure this is as easy as possible for disabled people.

All responses will be confidential and anonymous, with no individual or organisation identifiable in resulting reports or publications. The data from this survey may be used to inform outputs such as blog posts or academic publications.

We would be very grateful if you could fill in the survey here.


“Fife Zoo supports a deposit return scheme for Scotland. This is a practical and realistic step towards reducing waste, increasing recycling and reducing our impact on the environment.”

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