During this campaign we’ve learned about the various features of different deposit return systems, and developed our understanding of why some are more effective than others. We want Scotland’s system to have all the best features, as well as representing the interests of all of the organisations in our coalition. We therefore wrote our own system design document which clearly details our priorities. This document promotes a system that is: run by a single not-for-profit operator; applies to glass, metal and plastic drinks containers and lids; has a deposit amount that is enough to be effective (between 10p and 20p); is easily extended to other parts of the UK; and gives consumers the opportunity to donate their deposit to charity if they wish to do so when returning a container for recycling.

Here’s the link to the full document, which received media coverage when we launched it last month, and has also been shared with all MSPs. A number of members from different parties have requested meetings with us to discuss it further.