Dave from Ride Brewing tells us:

” I think we need to stop being so wasteful with everything. Society now is just so much about using things once and then dumping it. That needs to stop. There’s only so much gold in the world, there’s only so much aluminium, there’s only so much sand. We need to stop. Otherwise, we’re getting a climate emergency fairly soon.

Walking round your local area and  seeing so many bottles and cans just dumped on the street. That’s reusable material that should be getting recycled. That’s why I think the deposit return scheme is so good. It’s going to stop a lot of stuff not going back into the stream. If you can encourage people to bring it back, it will end up back in the stream, either being recycled or reused, which is great. It’s hopefully going to encourage everyone to recycle. My nephews have already started talking about starting to collect cans and take them back. They’re looking to save money for Xbox credits! It’s quite good to see kids interested in recycling again, by making it a bit more incentive based.”