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February 26th, 2018

Norway’s deposit return system has one of the highest collection rates in the world, and there are many parts of it that we’d like to see featured in the Scottish system design. These articles help to explain why.

Watch this BBC video on Norway’s deposit return system.

Read Tracy Sutton’s views on why Norway are doing it right!

February 26th, 2018

A great article from The Times, explaining why it makes sense for Michael Gove to introduce a deposit return system in England.  

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November 21st, 2017

A recent article from the United Nations Environment Programme explains the benefits of deposit return systems. It highlights the fact that deposit-return systems are growing in popularity, and explains the many benefits of deposits, including higher collection rates and reduced litter, as well as the economic savings to municipalities from avoided collection, sorting, and disposal costs. The article also makes the point that deposits can work not only in wealthy countries, but in low-income countries too.

October 23rd, 2017

A new report published this month finds that local authorities across England could save up to £35 million every year if a deposit refund system (DRS) for drinks containers was introduced in England.

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January 27th, 2017

This short video explains how eating seafood may now mean eating plastic!

January 26th, 2017

Sky News have this week launched a campaign that aims to inspire and encourage people to act now on the issue of marine litter. Their Ocean Rescue campaign began with the Plastic Tide documentary, that highlights the problem. They go on to show their support for deposit return systems and highlight celebrities such as Richard Branson and HRH, The Prince of Wales  who support their introduction in the United Kingdom.

This short video gives a great explanation of how deposit return systems work.

The campaign has already drawn widespread interest and highlighted active opposition to the introduction of a deposit return system from Coca-cola.

January 23rd, 2017

This article highlights a failure to meet recycling targets for plastic bottles. Current figures show less than 60% of plastic bottles are being recycled, despite government targets of 75%.

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January 23rd, 2017


July 24th, 2016

Local Authorities in New Zealand are calling for the reintroduction of deposit return systems, as a way to shift the cost of recycling away from local authorities and rate payers, and onto producers and consumers.

July 22nd, 2016

Queensland’s Government has announced today that it will put in place a Container Deposit Scheme to reduce pollution caused by drink cans and bottles.

The recycling initiative will begin in 2018 and has been met with “considerable industry and community support”, according to the Minister for the Environment.

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