Consultation results published 21st February 2019

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Drinks containers littered in Scotland since this date


Estimate based on research from Eunomia, an independent consultancy.

Of which plastic bottles


Of which cans


Of which glass


Scotland can't wait any longer!

Let the Scottish Government know that we need a deposit return system asap!

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A Scottish Deposit Return System for drinks packaging.

How would it work in practice? Easy. You pay a small deposit when you buy cans and bottles, and get it back when you return them.

Find out more about deposit return

And could it work here? Of course. Deposit return works reliably around the world, and there's no reason Scotland can't be next.

Read the international evidence

Why does Scotland need a deposit return system?

If we want to reduce litter and clean up Scotland, nothing else comes even close.


Less litter for Scottish councils to pick up means cost savings for local taxpayers.

Local Councils

When people get money back for recycling, it changes attitudes and changes behaviour.


Collecting empty packaging more efficiently provides better materials for industry.

Circular Economy

There will be more good quality jobs in manufacturing as well as in recycling.


Litter and landfill aren't just wasteful, they're bad for the planet.

Climate Change

We want an ambitious and inclusive deposit system for Scotland.


“We’ve greatly improved our recycling rates at the airport because we realise that we all have a part to play in how we reduce waste, and a deposit return system is an excellent opportunity for Edinburgh us to be part of something that will have far reaching benefits for Scotland.

Many of our passengers have to discard empty drinks containers immediately before going through security, but this would provide the option of returning those containers to machines either within the airport retail outlets or in the concourse, that would be beneficial for our business. Collection of those empty containers by the operator of a Scottish system would also provide better quality materials for recycling and reduce our waste costs.”

Edinburgh Airport